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AICO EI146E Optical Smoke Detector

AED 241.50

Aico Ei146RC Optical Smoke Alarm

AED 262.50

APOLLO ORB-OP-42001-MAR Orbis Marine Optical Smoke Detector

AED 262.50

Asenware AW-CSD381 LPCB EN54 Approved Conventional Smoke Detector

AED 126.00

BRK FG250B 9V Battery Operated Smoke Detector

AED 94.50

C-Tec C4416 ActiV Optical Smoke Detector

AED 69.93

Codesec Addressable Smoke Detector

AED 472.50AED 787.50

Codesec Conventional Smoke Detector with base

AED 73.50

Cooper CAP320 Intelligent Addressable Optical Smoke Sensor (MAP820 / FXN723)

AED 262.50

Cooper FXN533 (CPD321) Conventional Optical Smoke Detector

AED 210.00

Cooper Map820 Photoelectric Smoke Sensor

AED 304.50

Cygnus CYG4L Smoke Detector

AED 2,393.21

Cygnus CYG4LPIR – Smoke Detector with PIR

AED 2,393.21

Discovery 58000-600MAR Marine Optical Smoke Detector

AED 420.00

Eaton Cooper CAP320 Intelligent Addressable Optical Sensor

AED 168.00

Eaton JSB FXN723+720 Optical Smoke Detector With Base

AED 315.00

Electro Detectors EDA-R5000 Zerio Plus Wireless Optical Smoke Detector

AED 1,102.50

Elotec AE2010G Aspect GRIZZLE Aspirating Smoke Detector

AED 8,925.00

Elotec AE2010L Aspect LAZEER Aspirating Smoke Detector

AED 9,450.00

Elotec AE2010N Aspect Nitro Aspirating Smoke Detector

AED 9,450.00

Buy The Best Smoke Detectors Online in Dubai, UAE

Smoke Detection is a critical aspect of fire safety, and our range of products ensures you're well-prepared to detect and respond to potential fire hazards. We offer a variety of cutting-edge solutions to suit different environments and requirements, including Smoke Detectors, Beam Detectors, Duct Detectors, Air Sampling Smoke Detectors, and Explosion-Proof devices.

Smoke Detectors: Our selection of Smoke Detectors includes advanced technologies designed to detect the presence of smoke in its early stages. It allows for swift fire detection and timely responses. These detectors are essential for residential, commercial, and industrial applications, helping protect lives and property.

Beam Detectors: Beam Detectors are particularly suited for large open spaces and challenging environments. They use beams of light to detect smoke particles, providing efficient and reliable coverage over expansive areas.

Duct Detectors: Duct Detectors are specialized devices integrated into HVAC systems to monitor air ducts for smoke. They are essential for preventing the spread of smoke and fire within ventilation systems.

Air Sampling Smoke Detectors: These detectors use air sampling technology to continuously and actively sample the air for traces of smoke. They are highly sensitive and ideal for early detection in areas where early warning is critical.

Explosion-Proof Detectors: In hazardous or explosive environments, Explosion-Proof Smoke Detectors are vital. They are designed to operate safely in environments with a risk of flammable gases or dust, ensuring safety and compliance with strict regulations.