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3M – 6003 Organic Vapor/Acid Gas Cartridge

AED 52.50

3M – Acid Gas Cartridge 6002

AED 52.50

3M – Ammonia Methylamine Cartridge 6004

AED 71.40

3M – Multi Gas/Organic Vapor Cartridge 6006

AED 63.00

3M – Organic Vapor Cartridge 6001

AED 55.65

BW GA-USB1-IR IR Connectivity Kit with Software, For GasAlert Detectors

AED 1,155.00

BW Honeywell XT-RPUMP-K1 Replacement pump kit for GasAlertMax XT II

AED 1,312.50

BW Technologies BW XT-BC1 Replacement Back Enclosure for GasAlertMax XT II, Yellow

AED 420.00

BW Technologies BW XT-FC1-1 Replacement Front Enclosure for GasAlertMax XT II, Yellow

AED 341.25

BW Technologies M5-CK-DL GasAlertMicro 5 Series Deluxe Confined Space Kit

AED 44,362.50

BW Technologies M5-PUMP Integral Motorized Pump (Generation 2) Kit With Visible Integrated Filter, Yellow

AED 2,205.00

BW Technologies MC2-SS-K1 Replacement Quad Sensor Screen Filters – Kit of 10

AED 761.25

BW Technologies XT-C01-MC5 Multi-Unit 5 Cradle Charger for GasAlertMax XT II Detector

AED 1,958.25

CiTicel 40XV Oxygen Sensor for BW Gas Detectors

AED 498.75

Crowcon C01006 LIBRA Lithium Ion Battery Pack for TRP+/ IR Initially Fitted with Lead Acid Batteries ATEX / IECEX Variants

AED 1,522.50

CROWCON S011616/S 0-100PPM H2S Sensor Module For X-GARD

AED 2,310.00

Draeger 6719001 Hydrogen Sulfide 1/c Detection Tubes 1 – 20 ppm (pack of 10)

AED 367.50

Draeger 6728041, Hydrogen Sulfide 0.5/a Detection Tubes

AED 414.75

Draeger 8101511 DT Hydrogen 0.2%/a (10) Detection Tubes

AED 567.00

Draeger 8101781, DT Water Vapour 1/b Detection Tubes

AED 435.75