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ALPHATEC 58-335-7

AED 31.50
AlphaTec AQUADRI gloves are engineered with a unique moisture management technology that keeps hands dryer ,for significantly longer periods of time.

ALPHATEC 58-335/09 Gloves

AED 33.30
Ansell Alphatec Nitrile coating, Aquadric liner , reversed lozenge grip design, Gaunlet cuff style, glass green, 380mm, 0,45 mm (Nitrile) + 0,35 mm (AquaDri 2) thickness.

Ansell AlphaTec 38-514 Black Butyl Immersion Gloves

AED 275.10
The glove provides the best resistance to the most aggressive chemicals, without compromising dexterity or comfort.

Ansell AlphaTec 58-270 Chemical Resistance Glove

AED 39.90
AlphaTec 58-270 is designed for light to medium chemical applications. AlphaTec 58-270 benefits from the industry-leading grip with enhanced dexterity and comfort.

Ansell Alphatec 58-535B Textured Finish Nitrile Gloves

AED 36.75
The AlphaTec glove incorporates revolutionary Ansell Grip Technology to enable users to handle wet or oily objects with less grip force and more control.

Ansell Barrier 02-100 White Laminated Film Gloves

AED 69.35
Ansell Barrier Gloves, HPPE laminated film, Smooth finish Grip, Gauntlet Cuff, Thickness 0.062 mm (2.46 mil).

Ansell Microgard 2000 Standard Coverall 111-S

AED 28.35
Microgard Coverall with 3-piece hood, elasticated wrists, finger loops, waist and ankles. 2-way front zipper with re-sealable storm flap.

Ansell PVC-45G Green Vinyl Apron

AED 35.98
Ansell Heavy Duty PVC-45G Apron Green 12pcs/ case - sold per piece.

Ansell Sol-Vex 37-675 Chemical Resistant Nitrile Gloves

AED 9.89
Ansell Sol-Vex 37-675 Chemical Resistant Nitrile Gloves are Available in a wide selection of lengths, thicknesses, sizes and linings.

Ansell TouchNTuff 93-250 Disposable Nitrile Gloves

AED 94.50
Ansell TouchNTuff 93-250 Disposable Nitrile Gloves With Ansell Grip Technology Minimizes the force required to grip dry, wet or oily objects.

Ansell VersaTouch 92-471 Light Blue Nitrile Glove

Ansell VersaTouch 92-471 is a versatile, light blue nitrile glove with textured fingertips, ideal for a wide range of food handling applications.

BARRIER 02-100 -8

AED 65.10
The Ansell 02-100 Barrier White Chemical Resistant Gloves are very resistant to a wide range of chemicals.