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100 Cal Tcg Arc Flash Gloves Large

AED 1,088.09

100 Cal Tcg Arc Flash Gloves Large TCG100-GLOVE-L

AED 1,764.00

100% Cotton 260 GSM Coverall – Petrol Blue-S

AED 60.86

100% Cotton FR 320 GSM- Coverall – Small

AED 111.62

100% Cotton FR 320 GSM- Coverall -Yellow-S

AED 111.62

18 Inch Aluminized Sleeves Radiant Heat and Molten Splash Protection 19 oz

AED 168.00

2.5 Kg Lifebuoy Ring with Grab line & Solas Retro Reflective Tapes Outer Dia: 72cm, Inner Dia: 43.5cm

AED 115.50

2.5 kg Lifebuoy Ring With Reflective Tape & Grab Lines

AED 157.50

379 Trauma Bag Empty

AED 411.60

3AA ProPolymer HAZ-LO Intrinsically Safe LED Flashlight

AED 277.23

3ET EvacKRESH Multiple Baby/Infants Emergency Evacuation System

AED 4,725.00

3M – Aura Particulate Respirators 9300 Series

AED 8.40

3M – Corded Foam Earplugs, 100 Pairs/Box ? Orange

AED 73.50

3M – E-A-R Classic Disposable Earplugs – 250 Pairs/Pck

AED 183.75

3M – E.A.Rsoft Yellow Neon Corded Earplugs SNR36 – 200 Prs/PCK

AED 220.50

3M – Peltor Optime – Comfort Earmuff H510A

AED 78.75

3M – Reusable Respirator Full Facepiece 6800 Medium

AED 422.10

3M – Uncorded Foam Earplugs 1100 – 200 Pr/Pck

AED 78.75

3M – X5A Peltor Headband Earmuffs – Black

AED 175.72

3M 1100 Uncorded Foam Earplugs (200 Pairs Per Packet)

AED 110.25

Buy The Best Safety Gears Online in Dubai, UAE

Safety gear is a paramount consideration in any environment, ensuring the well-being of individuals during emergencies and evacuations. Our store is the best source for a wide range of safety gear and evacuation equipment. It is designed to safeguard lives in critical situations.

Safety Gear: Our safety gear encompasses a variety of equipment and protective wear, including helmets, gloves, masks, goggles, and more. These items are essential for personal protection in hazardous situations, ensuring the safety and health of individuals.

Evacuation Equipment: Evacuation equipment plays a pivotal role in ensuring individuals' safe and efficient evacuation from buildings or areas during emergencies. This includes items like evacuation chairs, stretchers, and other specialized gear that aid in rapidly and securely removing individuals from danger.

We understand the critical importance of safety gear and evacuation equipment, particularly in fire and emergencies. Our commitment to quality and safety ensures that our products adhere to the highest protection standards. Choose us as your supplier for all your safety gear and evacuation equipment needs.