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1-Channel Cable Protector

AED 26.25

100 Plastic Tamper Seals, Zip Ties For Fire Extinguishers

AED 52.50

11851 FL S Solar Flash Lamp 300mm Amber

AED 866.25

119 A No Horn Round Sign Board

AED 57.75

12100 YK Speed Ramp W / Cat Eyes

AED 63.00

122 A No Entry Without Authorization Sign Board

AED 57.75

12216 UB R PVC Car Wheel Stopper 500CM

AED 68.25

12226 TGA Traffic Safety Convex Mirror 80CM

AED 446.25

12228 TGA Traffic Safety Convex Mirror 60CM

AED 288.75

12231 UB Wheel Stop 180CM

AED 173.25

12233 UB Wheel Stop 110CM

AED 110.25

12248 TGA Convex Mirror 600 x 800mm

AED 514.50

12267 TGA Convex Mirror 400×600 mm

AED 367.50

12276 UB D Anti Parking Bollards TP

AED 131.25

12277 UB D Anti Parking Bollards TP

AED 120.75

12289 UB ST Anti Parking Bollards TP

AED 262.50

12290 UB Spike Barrier Speed Ramp

AED 509.25

12293 UB D Anti Parking Bollards TP

AED 236.25

12301 TK Traffic Cone Yellow Plastic A Frame 50CM

AED 68.25

12307 TK R1 Traffic Cone 75CM 1 Reflective

AED 115.50

Other Accessories

Explore our "Others" category, where you'll discover a diverse array of essential products and solutions to meet various industrial and safety needs. This category includes a wide range of items such as spare parts, cables, lockout & tagout equipment, control panels, signage, label stickers, oil absorbents, and spill kits.

Spare Parts: We offer a selection of high-quality spare parts to keep your equipment and machinery running smoothly. Whether you need replacement components for maintenance or repairs, you can count on us to provide dependable solutions.

Cables: Our range of cables is designed to meet the demands of different applications, ensuring reliable connectivity and transmission of power or data. From electrical cables to specialized industrial cables, we've got you covered.

Lockout & Tagout: Safety is a top priority, and our lockout and tagout products help you maintain a secure and compliant work environment. Prevent accidents and protect your employees with our reliable lockout and tagout solutions.

Control Panels: Find control panels tailored to your needs, from basic control systems to advanced automation solutions. Our control panels are built to enhance the efficiency and functionality of your operations.

Signage's & Label Stickers: Proper signage and labeling are vital for safety and organization. Browse our selection of signage and label stickers to communicate important information clearly and effectively.

Oil Absorbents & Spill Kits: Accidents happen, and when they involve oil or hazardous materials, a quick and effective response is crucial. Our oil absorbents and spill kits are designed to contain and manage spills, helping you maintain a clean and safe workspace.