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CM-004 10 Watts Hand Held Megaphone With Recording

AED 84.00
CM-004 10 Watts Hand Held Megaphone with recording and Rechargeable made in china. This Hand Held Megaphone has built-in Microphone and the sound covers an area approx 200 meters.

Tronix-TM 66 – 25 Watts Power Megaphone

AED 196.88
TM 66 Powerful and durable megaphone suitable for all outdoor occasions. It's built-in powerful 25 watts amplifier and a high-quality anti-feedback microphone can project a clear sound up to a distance of 1kmm depending upon conditions. The microphone also features a handy push to talk switch and rotary volume control. A built-in switchable siren function and comfortable pistol grip handle with trigger switch add to the many features.