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Elotec ROYAL TO 1000+ Wireless Smoke Detector

AED 840.00

Elotec ROYAL TO 2000+ Wireless Smoke Alarm

AED 1,575.00

Elotec ROYAL TO 2030+ Wireless addressable Smoke Detector

AED 2,100.00

Elotec ROYAL TV 1000 Wireless Heat Detector

AED 787.50

Elotec ROYAL TV 2000+ Wireless Heat Detector with Sounder

AED 1,470.00

Elotec ROYAL TV 2030+ Wireless Heat Detector

AED 1,575.00

Firehawk FH700HIA Smoke or Heat Alarm For Deaf(Hearing Impaired)

AED 262.50

Firehawk FHB10W Wireless Interlink Smoke Alarm

AED 210.00

Firehawk FHH10W Wireless Battery Operated Heat Alarm

AED 315.00

Frontier FRN 205 Wireless Smoke Detector

AED 103.95

Pyrexx PX-1 Standalone Smoke Alarm (Black)

AED 682.50

Pyrexx PX-1 Standalone Smoke Alarm (Swarovski Black)

AED 2,205.00

Pyrexx PX-1 Standalone Smoke Alarm (Swarovski Red)

AED 2,205.00

Pyrexx PX-1C Wireless Long Range Radio-Linked Smoke Alarm (White) Made in Germany

AED 210.00

Pyrexx PX-AR Alarm Control Relay For External Applications

AED 1,365.00