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Detectadusta DD1 Fire, Smoke & CO Alarm Cleaner Spray 250ml

AED 126.00

Detectadusta DDF1 Duster Tester 250ml

AED 136.50

HSI HO-VTCOMPLETE Smoke, Heat & CO Detector Tester Kit

Solo 100 Smoke Detector Tester Access Pole 6 Meters

AED 2,257.50

Solo 100-001 Fiberglass Telescopic Pole 4.5 Meters

AED 2,047.50

Solo 101 Telescopic Extension Pole 1.3Mtrs

AED 693.00

Solo 101 Telescopic Pole 1.5m

AED 630.00

Solo 108 Telescopic Pole 3m

AED 1,627.50

Solo 200 Detector Removal Tool

AED 1,470.00

Solo 604 Detector Tester Extension Pole Carrying Bag

AED 196.88

Solo 727 Car Charger and 220 / 240v Mains For Solo 770 Battery Baton

AED 866.25

Solo 760-001 Cordless Battery Baton

AED 657.30

Solo 811-001 Smoke Detector Test & Removal Set 6 metres

AED 5,250.00

Solo 812-001 Smoke Detector Test & Removal Set 8.2 metres

AED 9,670.50

Solo 814-001 Smoke and Heat Detector Tester, Removal Kit(6 Meters)

AED 9,093.00

Solo A10 Smoke Detector Tester (Non-Flammable) Aerosol 150ml

AED 136.50

Solo A10S Smoke Detector Test Gas Canister 250ml (Non-Flammable)

AED 194.25

Testifire 9201-001 Smoke, Heat and CO Detector Test and Removal Kit – 9 Metres (30 ft)

AED 18,480.00

Testifire TS3-099 Replacement Smoke Capsule

AED 404.25

Detector Tester Accessories in Dubai UAE

Discover a wide selection of essential Accessories that complement your fire safety and detection equipment. Our range includes Detector Removal Tools, Tester Sprays & Oil Refills, and Extension Poles, all designed to enhance the functionality and reliability of your safety devices.

Detector Removal Tools: When it's time to service or replace your detectors, they are invaluable. These tools provide a safe and efficient way to remove detectors from their mounting bases, ensuring a hassle-free maintenance process.

Tester Sprays & Oil Refills: Regular testing of your detectors is essential to ensure their proper functioning. Our Tester Sprays and Oil Refills are specifically formulated to provide a controlled and reliable source of test smoke or heat. It allows you to verify that your fire detection equipment is in optimal working condition.

Extension Poles: In environments where detectors are installed at elevated heights or in hard-to-reach areas, Extension Poles come to the rescue. These versatile tools enable you to access detectors comfortably and safely for testing, maintenance, or removal, avoiding ladders or scaffolding.

Trust us to provide you with the best accessories that enhance the performance and longevity of your fire detection devices.