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Potter 1010117 WLS Tank Water Level Switch

AED 3,570.00

Potter OSYSU Outside Screw and Yoke Valve Supervisory Switch

AED 367.50

Potter OSYSU-CRH Corrosion Resistant OSandY Valve Supervisory Switch

AED 441.00

Potter OSYSU-EX Explosion Proof OSandY Valve Supervisory Switch

AED 2,362.50

Potter OSYSU-EX-O Outdoor Explosion Proof OSandY Valve Supervisory Switch

AED 3,265.50

Potter PCVS Series Control Valve Supervisory Switch

AED 262.50

Potter PCVS-CRH Corrosion Resistant Control Valve Supervisory Switch

AED 420.00

Potter PIVSU-EX Explosion Proof Post Indicator Valve Switch

AED 4,313.66

Potter PIVSU-EX-O Explosion Proof Post Indicator and Butterfly Valve Supervisory Switch

AED 3,780.00

Potter PTS-C Plug Type Supervisory Switch

AED 577.50

Potter RTS Series Room Temperature Switch

AED 210.00

Potter TTS Series Water Tank Temperature Supervisory Switch

AED 4,147.50

Potter WCS Series Water Column Switch

AED 3,360.00

System Sensor OSY2 Sprinkler Supervisory Switch

AED 577.50