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8W Tube Fluorescent Emergency Tube Light

AED 26.25

ARQ – Emergency Light Recessed Mounted

AED 94.50

ARQ – Emergency Light Wall Mounted

AED 78.75

ARQ – Exit Light Down Side Arrow Recessed Mounted

AED 141.75

ARQ – Exit Light Left Side Arrow Recessed Mounted

AED 141.75

ARQ – Exit Light Right Side Arrow Recessed Mounted

AED 141.75

ARQ – LED Wall Mounted Exit Sign

AED 94.50

Asenware AW-EL101 Self-Contained LED Emergency Light, Non-Maintained Surface

AED 89.25

Asenware AW-EL207 Twin Spot Emergency Light 2x 5 Watt

AED 294.00

CFL18 Explosion Proof Pendant Light

AED 1,260.00

Denko DL2018NM Twin Surface Mounted Emergency Light

AED 231.00

Denko EMCEL 12NM Surface Mounted Emergency Light

AED 126.00

Denko EMCEL 16NM Surface Mounted Emergency Light

AED 210.00

Denko EMDL 203NM Twinspot Emergency Light

AED 336.00

Denko EMDL 203NM WP Twinspot Surface Mounted Emergency Light

AED 367.50

Denko EMDL 205NM Twin Spot Emergency Light

AED 367.50

Denko EMDL 205NM WP Twinspot Surface Mounted Emergency Light

AED 525.00

Denko EMLED 12NM DRUM Surface Mounted Emergency Light

AED 472.50

Denko EMLED 14NM DRUM Surface Mounted Emergency Light

AED 472.50

Denko EMLED-110NM DRUM Surface Mounted Emergency Light

AED 525.00


Our extensive selection of Emergency Lights caters to various safety and illumination requirements. We offer a wide range of options, including Recessed Emergency Lights, Surface Emergency Lights, High Wattage Emergency Lights, Weatherproof Emergency Lights, Explosion-Proof Emergency Lights, and Conversion Kits, all designed to ensure that you have reliable lighting during emergencies.

Recessed Emergency Lights: Recessed emergency lights are seamlessly integrated into ceilings or walls, providing discreet yet effective illumination in case of power outages or emergencies. They are ideal for maintaining a clean and minimalist aesthetic while prioritizing safety.

Surface Emergency Lights: Surface emergency lights are easy to install and offer visible emergency illumination. They are suitable for various indoor and outdoor settings where a surface-mounted option is preferred.

High-Wattage Emergency Lights: In environments that require brighter and more extensive emergency lighting, high-wattage emergency lights deliver powerful illumination. It ensures that critical areas are well-lit during evacuations or power failures.

Weatherproof Emergency Lights: Weatherproof emergency lights are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, making them suitable for outdoor and wet locations. These lights remain functional in adverse weather, enhancing safety in challenging settings.

Explosion-Proof Emergency Lights: In hazardous or explosive environments, explosion-proof emergency lights are crucial. They are engineered to operate safely, ensuring that no sparks or electrical components pose a risk in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Conversion Kits: Conversion kits are valuable accessories that transform standard lighting fixtures into emergency lights. They provide a cost-effective way to enhance safety without additional fixtures.

Trust us to provide reliable and best emergency lighting to ensure safety during unexpected situations.