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Honeywell DPS400 Series Differential Pressure Switches

AED 614.25

Potter 1010117 WLS Tank Water Level Switch

AED 3,570.00

Potter ADPS (Adjustable Deadband Pressure Switch)

AED 630.00

Potter ADPS (Adjustable Deadband Pressure Switch) 25- 300 PSI, BRASS

AED 1,764.00

Potter OSYSU Outside Screw and Yoke Valve Supervisory Switch

AED 367.50

Potter OSYSU-CRH Corrosion Resistant OSandY Valve Supervisory Switch

AED 441.00

Potter OSYSU-EX Explosion Proof OSandY Valve Supervisory Switch

AED 2,362.50

Potter OSYSU-EX-O Outdoor Explosion Proof OSandY Valve Supervisory Switch

AED 3,265.50

Potter PCVS Series Control Valve Supervisory Switch

AED 262.50

Potter PCVS-CRH Corrosion Resistant Control Valve Supervisory Switch

AED 420.00

Potter PIVSU-EX Explosion Proof Post Indicator Valve Switch

AED 4,313.66

Potter PIVSU-EX-O Explosion Proof Post Indicator and Butterfly Valve Supervisory Switch

AED 3,780.00

Potter PS10-1 Pressure switch with one set SPDT Contacts

AED 357.00

Potter PS10-2 Pressure Type Waterflow Switch

AED 362.25

Potter PS10-EX Explosion Proof Pressure Type Waterflow Switch

AED 3,700.46

Potter PS100-2 Pressure Type Flow Switch with Two SPDT Contacts

AED 504.00

Potter PS120 Series Supervisory Pressure Actuated Switch

AED 630.00

Potter PS15-2 Supervisory Pressure switch with two sets SPDT contacts

AED 278.25

Potter PS25 Supervisory Pressure Switch with Two Sets SPDT Contacts

AED 278.25

Potter PS40-1 VDS Supervisory Pressure Actuated Switch

AED 278.25

Buy The Best Alarm Switches Online in Dubai, UAE

Our Alarm Switches are designed to meet the highest safety standards, ensuring that your fire safety and alarm systems are equipped with reliable components that enhance detection.  Our selection of Alarm Switches offers critical components for fire safety and alarm systems, including:

Flow Switch: Flow switches are essential to detect water flow within a fire sprinkler system. They trigger alarms and alert systems when water flow is detected, indicating the activation of the fire suppression system. Flow switches are crucial in quickly identifying and responding to fire emergencies.

Tamper Switch: Tamper switches detect any unauthorized interference or tampering with fire safety equipment, such as fire alarm pull stations, sprinkler systems, or fire extinguishers. These switches trigger alarms when they detect tampering, ensuring the integrity and readiness of fire safety systems.

Pressure Switch: Pressure switches are pivotal components in fire sprinkler systems. They monitor the pressure within the system and trigger alarms if there are abnormal pressure drops or fluctuations. Pressure switches are instrumental in maintaining the effectiveness of fire suppression systems.

Trust us to provide best alarm switches that contribute to the safety and protection of your property and occupants.