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Breeching Inlet Cabinet Surface Mounted With Wired Glass Door-SS Brush Finish

AED 892.50

Double Door and Architrave SS 304 Brush Finish

AED 761.25

Double Door Cabinet Full SS 304 Brush Finish

AED 1,470.00

Double Door Cabinet Full SS 304 Mirror Finish

AED 813.75

Fire Extinguisher Cabinet Powder Coated Finish for 2 Extinguisher

AED 315.00

Fire Rated Single Leaf Steel Door

AED 2,835.00

Fire Rated Single Leaf Steel Door Powder Coated Finish

AED 2,625.00

Fire Rated Single Leaf Steel Door with Frame

AED 4,200.00

Foam Fire Hose Reel System Cabinet With Foam Nozzle and Inductor

AED 9,408.00

GRP Fire Hose Reel Box With Door Hinges & Lock & NFPA14 Sticker L=600 x D=600 x H=1000

AED 1,207.50

GRP Type Double Door Fire Hose Reel Cabinet

AED 1,706.25

JO BIRD GRP Cabinet 3-4 mm Made with GP Resin SS 316 Hinges, Single door

AED 2,100.00

JoBird JB 10H Fire hose cabinet

AED 2,992.50

Ms Powder Coated Wall Mounted Cabinet For Fire Extinguisher

AED 299.25

Recess Type Double Door Fire Hose Cabinet(Vertical) Full M.S Red Powder Coated

AED 472.50

Recessed Mounted Double Door Cabinet SS 304 Mirror Finish and Back Box MS Powered Coated Cabinet

AED 1,260.00

Recessed Surface Mounted Single Door Fire Hose Reel, White

AED 315.00

Recessed Type 2 Way Breeching Inlet Cabinet Single Door with Wired Glass

AED 315.00

Recessed Type 4 Way Breeching Inlet Cabinet Single Door Wired Glass

AED 887.25

Recessed Type 4 Way Breeching Inlet Cabinet Single Door with Wired Glass

AED 388.50

Buy the Best Fire Hose Cabinets in Dubai UAE

Our Fire Hose Cabinets are constructed to meet strict safety standards, ensuring your fire hoses and equipment are safeguarded and always available for firefighting efforts. Our selection of Fire Hose Cabinets includes various types designed to store fire hoses and related equipment securely. Our range comprises:

Single-Door Fire Hose Cabinets: Single-door fire hose cabinets provide an accessible and enclosed space to house fire hoses and related equipment. These cabinets are designed for easy access and protection, ensuring your fire hoses are readily available for immediate use during fire emergencies.

Double-Door Fire Hose Cabinets: Double-door fire hose cabinets offer additional storage space and protection for fire hoses, nozzles, and other accessories. These cabinets are ideal for accommodating larger or multiple hoses and equipment, providing a comprehensive firefighting solution.

Breeching Inlet Cabinets: Breeching inlet cabinets are designed to house and protect breeching inlets, which are crucial components in fire hydrant systems. These cabinets ensure that the inlets remain accessible and undamaged, ready for use when needed.

Trust us to deliver high-quality fire hose cabinets to enhance fire safety and response.