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Asenware AW-D132C-4W Conventional Gas Detector

AED 472.50

Codesec Addressable Heat Detector

AED 98.70AED 219.45

Codesec Addressable Smoke Detector

AED 472.50AED 787.50

Codesec Conventional Smoke Detector with base

AED 73.50

Cygnus AUTODI03 GSM Auto Dialer

AED 4,410.00

Cygnus CYG1 Control Panel

AED 7,625.36

Cygnus CYG1 Control Panel with GSM/GPRS Remote Link

AED 12,814.59

Cygnus CYG2 Fire Call Point Alarm

AED 2,164.05

Cygnus CYG2/85DB Fire Call Point Alarm 85 Decibel

AED 2,037.65

Cygnus CYG2/85DBPIR – Fire Call Point Alarm 85 Decibel with PIR

AED 2,489.11

Cygnus CYG2F Fire Call Point Alarm with First Aid Alert

AED 2,526.69

Cygnus CYG2FPIR – Fire Call Point Alarm with First Aid Alert and PIR

AED 2,978.15

Cygnus CYG2PIR – Fire Call Point Alarm with PIR

AED 2,615.92

Cygnus CYG3L Heat Detector

AED 2,393.21

Cygnus CYG3LPIR – Heat Detector with PIR

AED 2,844.65

Cygnus CYG4L Smoke Detector

AED 2,393.21

Cygnus CYG4LPIR – Smoke Detector with PIR

AED 2,393.21

Cygnus CYG5 First Aid Alert Point

AED 1,927.17

Cygnus CYG5PIR – First Aid Alert Point with PIR

AED 2,378.62

Cygnus CYG6 Base Panel

AED 4,799.81