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Detectadusta DD1 Fire, Smoke & CO Alarm Cleaner Spray 250ml

AED 126.00

Detectadusta DDF1 Duster Tester 250ml

AED 115.50

Fireview Smoke and Heat Combined Detector Tester

AED 6,300.00

HSI Smokecheck HO-25S Smoke Detector Tester Aerosol

AED 73.50

HSI Smokin Gun HO-1490-1 Smoke Detector Tester Adapter

AED 315.00

Senseware T-229/4P UV/IR Flame Detector Universal Test Lamp

AED 5,512.50

Solo 1028 Aerosol Retaining Cup For Solo 330 Dispenser

AED 188.36

Solo 365 No Climb Smoke Detector Tester

AED 3,492.78

Solo 461 Cordless Heat Detector Tester Kit With 1.13 Mtr Pole

AED 4,200.00

Solo 823 Smoke and Cordless Heat Detector Test Set 9.3 meters

AED 11,182.50

SOLO 850 Smoke Detector Testing Service Kit 24 Foot Reach

AED 5,880.00

Solo A5 Smoke Detector Tester Aerosol Spray 250ml

AED 99.75

Testfire 2000-001 Smoke, Heat and CO Detector Tester Head Unit

AED 7,865.55

Testfire 25-001 Detector Tester Spare Remote Control

AED 478.80

Testifire 1000-001 Smoke and Heat Detector Tester – Head Only

AED 5,809.65

Testifire 1001-099 Smoke and Heat Detector Tester Kit

AED 10,185.00

Testifire 1048-001 Tester Replacement Inner Cup

AED 52.50

Testifire 6001-001 Smoke and Heat Detector Test and Removal Kit – 6 Metres (20 Feet)

AED 12,810.00