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C-Tec EVC301RPO Red Fire Telephone Outstation c/w Handset (push to open)

AED 1,995.00

C-Tec EVC302GF Green Disabled Refuge Outstation flush

AED 1,378.65

Compact 5 CFVCC5 Line Exchange Unit

AED 5,708.85

Eaton CFVCCS10 Line Slave Exchange Unit

AED 5,183.85

Eaton CFVCDUO Combine Type A&B Flush Mount Outstation

AED 2,740.50

Eaton CFVCFHB Stainless Steel Flush Mounting Bezel

AED 117.03

Eaton CFVCFHP Type A Outstation Surface Mount Red

AED 1,161.30

Eaton CFVCLOG Recall Logging And Recording Software

AED 11,736.90

Eaton CFVCM Network Master Handset – Desk Mount

AED 5,248.95

Eaton CFVCSI Site Installer Software

AED 1,630.13

Eaton CFVCWM Network Master Handset-Desk Mount

AED 5,038.71

Eaton CFVCX8 Network Line Exchange Unit

AED 4,767.79

Eaton Vocall CFVCRHS Roaming Handset

AED 548.10

Honeywell – Firefighter Telephone Communication System – IFP-FFT-SK

AED 6,045.18

Mircom BB-1003 Fire Telephone Jack

AED 126.00

Mircom QMT-5300 Master Fire Fighter Telephone (Stand Alone)

AED 2,488.50

SigTEL ECU-16 Line Master Controller

AED 9,647.40

Vocall CFVCCM9 Compact 9 Line Master Exchange Unit

AED 7,428.75


AED 262.50

VoCALL CFVCSHFG Type B Outstation

AED 1,353.45