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AED 105.24
Ansell Knitted Gauge 15 Spandex Polyester Nylone Kevlar liner, Neoprene Nitrile , 3/4 Dipped finishing, Knitwrist cuff Orange

ActivArmr 97-100-9

AED 61.12
The ActivArmr 97-100 oilfield services glove is designed to meet the needs of production services workers working on and around oil and gas production sites.

ActivArmr Workguard 43-216 Heavy-duty Special Purpose Glove

AED 40.48
Ansell ActivArmr Workguard 43-216 is a heavy-duty special purpose glove offering high levels of molten splash resistance.


AED 105.24
Ansell Knitted Gauge 15 Spandex Polyester Nylone Kevlar liner, Neoprene Nitrile , 3/4 Dipped finishing, Knitwrist cuff - Orange.

ALPHATEC 58-335-7

AED 31.50
AlphaTec AQUADRI gloves are engineered with a unique moisture management technology that keeps hands dryer ,for significantly longer periods of time.

ALPHATEC 58-335/09 Gloves

AED 33.30
Ansell Alphatec Nitrile coating, Aquadric liner , reversed lozenge grip design, Gaunlet cuff style, glass green, 380mm, 0,45 mm (Nitrile) + 0,35 mm (AquaDri 2) thickness.

Ansell 07-112 VibraGuard Anti-Vibration Gloves

AED 198.45
Ansell VibraGuard Fully impregnated, Coating Nitrile, with velcro closure, Driver's style., Length 225-240 mm- Blue.

Ansell AlphaTec 38-514 Black Butyl Immersion Gloves

AED 275.10
The glove provides the best resistance to the most aggressive chemicals, without compromising dexterity or comfort.

Ansell AlphaTec 58-270 Chemical Resistance Glove

AED 39.90
AlphaTec 58-270 is designed for light to medium chemical applications. AlphaTec 58-270 benefits from the industry-leading grip with enhanced dexterity and comfort.

Ansell Alphatec 58-535B Textured Finish Nitrile Gloves

AED 36.75
The AlphaTec glove incorporates revolutionary Ansell Grip Technology to enable users to handle wet or oily objects with less grip force and more control.

Ansell Barrier 02-100 White Laminated Film Gloves

AED 69.35
Ansell Barrier Gloves, HPPE laminated film, Smooth finish Grip, Gauntlet Cuff, Thickness 0.062 mm (2.46 mil).

Ansell Edge 48-126 -8

AED 15.75
Edge 48-126, Good level of abrasion and tear resistance, good grip, improved productivity.

Ansell EDGE 48-128 Industrial Safety Hand Gloves(Pack of 10 Pairs)

AED 47.25
Ansell Polyester Liner Nitrile coating Palm dipped finishing Elasticized knitted wrist cuff style black and grey 220-270mm length

Ansell Edge 48-701-10 Cut Protection Gloves (1 Pair)

AED 19.95
Ansell, Edge, Polyurethane HPPE Nylon Spandex Knitted, Knitwrist cuff, Palm dipped, 220-270mm length Black and White

Ansell EDGE 48-705 Cut Protection Gloves

AED 17.99
EDGE 48-705 glove offers two levels of cut performance (depending on the application) a high level of abrasion resistance and good sensitivity and fit.

Ansell EDGE 48-705-6

AED 26.25
Ansell EDGE Knitted Spandex Nylon HPPE Glass Fiber, Polyurethane Coating, Palm dipped finishing, knitwrist cuff, Black and Grey, 220-270mm length.

Ansell HYDTUF 52-547 Nitrile Coating Gloves, Size 9

AED 31.50
Ansell Hydtuf 52-547 Nitrile Impregnated Coating on a Jersey Liner Supersedes the classic leather general purpose glove in medium-duty applications.

Ansell HyFlex 11-800 Nitrile Coating Nylon Knit Wrist Cuff Glove

AED 15.75
We offer a large selection of multi-purpose gloves that provide varying degrees of protection, dexterity, and grip for a wide range of applications.

ANSELL Hyflex 11-920 Nitrile Coated Nylon Gloves

AED 27.30
Ansell HyFlex 11-920 gloves allow the wearer to handle small and medium-sized components lightly coated with oil or lubricant in all confidence.

ANSELL HyFlex 11-927 Cut Protection Safety Gloves

AED 70.35
HyFlex 11-927 is the first HyFlex style to combine advanced cut resistance, oil-repellence and oil grip in a single glove.