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Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Charcoal

AED 194.25

Elock EL-DH-603 Mortise Mounted Door Holder

AED 189.00

Honeywell T6861H2WB Large LCD Digital Thermostat

AED 273.00

Insteon 2245-422 Hub

AED 577.50

Insteon 2422-222 Screwless Wall Plate For Paddle Switches, White

AED 19.95

Insteon 2441TH Smart Wall Thermostat, No Heat Pump – Insteon Hub with Alexa & Google Assistant

AED 451.50

Insteon 2443-222 Micro On/Off Module, 2000 Watt – Use Insteon Hub with Alexa & Google Assistant

AED 282.45

Insteon 2444B4 Mini Remote Control 0.13 x 1.80 x 4.20″ Wall Mount Bracket

AED 28.35

Insteon 2452-422 Home Automation DIN Rail Dimmer for Apple and Android devices

AED 282.45

Insteon 2477D Remote Control Dual-Band Dimmer

AED 225.75

Insteon 2633-442 Home Automation ON OFF Plug In Module UK 3 PIN for Apple and Android devices

AED 282.45

Insteon 2843-292 Door/Window Sensor

AED 225.75

Insteon 2844-222 Wireless Motion Sensor II, Automatically Turn On/Off Lights

AED 225.75

Insteon 2845-222 Wireless Hidden Door Sensor, Automatically Turns On/Off Lights

AED 225.75

Insteon 2852-222 Wireless Water Leak Sensor – Use with Insteon Hub for Smarthphone Alerts

AED 225.75

Insteon A19 Smart Dimmable 8W (60W equivalent) Warm White LED Light Bulb Works with Alexa via Insteon Bridge

AED 225.75

Insteon Mini Remote Control Visor Clip and Tabletop Stand

AED 56.70

Tekneka 5210 CO2 Humidity Temperature Datalogger with 3rd Party Calibration and Certification

AED 724.50