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Advanced MXP-509 Network Card – Fault Tolerant

AED 3,129.00

Avirtex FIBER GLASS HT1700 High Temperature Insulation Fabric Fire Blanket 50 Meters Roll

AED 1,102.50

Back Box 4 inch Mounting Pre-Galvanized Steel Square Box

AED 31.50

Bracket for Automatic Ceiling Fire Extinguisher

AED 53.24

BTU Fire Blanket ROLL 1.6 MM X 1 MTR X 100 MTRS

AED 964.69

BW Technologies M5-BAT08 GasAlertMicro 5 Rechargeable Battery Pack, Yellow

AED 1,312.50

BW Technologies M5-PN-1 Replacement Pump Nozzle

AED 144.90

BW Technologies PS-RS04 Replacement Sulphur Dioxide(SO2) Sensor

AED 1,554.00

BW Technologies SR-H-MC Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Sensor

AED 446.25

BW Technologies SR-M-MC Carbon Monoxide (CO) Sensor

AED 483.00

BW Technologies SR-W-MP75C MICROpel Combustible (LEL) Sensor

AED 525.00

BW Technologies SR-X10-C1 Replacement Oxygen (o2) Sensor

AED 740.25

Cooper CXPC MCP Polycarbonate Protective Hinged Cover (Pack of 10)

AED 157.50

Cooper IOB-R Weatherproof Horn Strobe Backbox

AED 73.50

Denko CEL Self Contained Light Recessed plate

AED 36.75

Denko EMEX 1602RM Self Contained Exit Light Chain

AED 52.50

Denko EMEX 1602RM Self Contained Exit Light Recessed plate

AED 42.00

Dutarp FR 2102 PVC Coated Tarpaulin 72 Inch 400 GSM, 1.8mx50yards

AED 682.50

Dutarp FRC-22 Fire Retardant Cotton Canvas / Tarpaulin 1mx50yds

AED 630.00

EIO Fire Blanket ROLL 0.8 MM X 1 MTR X 50 MTRS

AED 459.38