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What are the Pressure Switch?

A pressure switches is a tool that measures fluid pressure and activates or deactivates a pump, fan, or another device when the pressure reaches a preset value. Pressure switch are commonly used in residential and commercial HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems to automatically turn the blower fan on and off as the temperature changes. They are also used in industrial applications such as oil and gas production, water and wastewater treatment, and process control.


There are two types of pressure switches: mechanical pressure switches and electronic pressure switches.

-Mechanical pressure switches are the most common type of pressure switch. They use a diaphragm to sense pressure and activate a switch.
-Electronic pressure switches use a variety of sensing elements, such as a piezoelectric crystal, to sense pressure and activate a switch.

What are the Benefits of Pressure Switches?

Pressure switch are devices that are used to measure and control pressure. There are many benefits to using pressure switches, including the following:

1. Increased accuracy: Pressure switches are more accurate than traditional pressure gauges, making them ideal for applications where precision is important.

2. Increased safety: Pressure switches can help to prevent accidents by controlling pressure levels in a system.

3. Cost savings: Pressure switches can save money by reducing the need for costly repairs and downtime.

4. Enhanced efficiency: Pressure switches can improve the efficiency of a system by automatically regulating pressure levels.

5. Greater flexibility: Pressure switches offer a wide range of options and features that can be customized to meet a specific application’s specific needs.

Above all, our pressure switches have the highest quality materials and are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So what are you waiting for? Order now and see the difference our pressure switches can make.

Features of the Best Pressure Switch

Accuracy: The accuracy of a pressure switch is crucial in maintaining the desired pressure range. It is important to select a switch that has a high level of accuracy, so that it can provide precise readings and control the pressure as required.

Durability: Pressure switches are often subjected to harsh conditions such as high pressure, temperature, and vibration. A good pressure switch should be durable enough to withstand these conditions and maintain its accuracy over time.

Range: The range of pressure that a switch can handle is another important feature. A pressure switch with a wider range can be more versatile and suitable for a range of applications.

Set point: The set point is the pressure level at which the switch is activated. It is important to choose a pressure switch with a set point that matches the desired pressure range for the application.

Electrical rating: The electrical rating of the switch determines the amount of current that it can handle. It is important to select a switch with an appropriate electrical rating to avoid damage to the equipment or risk of fire.

Response time: The response time of a pressure switch is the time it takes to detect a pressure change and activate the switch. A fast response time can be crucial in some applications, so it is important to select a switch with an appropriate response time.

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Honeywell DPS400 Series Differential Pressure Switches

AED 614.25

Potter ADPS (Adjustable Deadband Pressure Switch)

AED 630.00

Potter ADPS (Adjustable Deadband Pressure Switch) 25- 300 PSI, BRASS

AED 1,764.00

Potter PS10-1 Pressure switch with one set SPDT Contacts

AED 357.00

Potter PS10-2 Pressure Type Waterflow Switch

AED 362.25

Potter PS10-EX Explosion Proof Pressure Type Waterflow Switch

AED 3,700.46

Potter PS100-2 Pressure Type Flow Switch with Two SPDT Contacts

AED 504.00

Potter PS120 Series Supervisory Pressure Actuated Switch

AED 630.00

Potter PS15-2 Supervisory Pressure switch with two sets SPDT contacts

AED 278.25

Potter PS25 Supervisory Pressure Switch with Two Sets SPDT Contacts

AED 278.25

Potter PS40-1 VDS Supervisory Pressure Actuated Switch

AED 278.25

Potter PS40-2 VDS Supervisory Pressure Actuated Switch

AED 367.50

Potter PS40-EX Explosion Proof Low/High Supervisory Pressure Switch for Dry Valves – Nominal System Pressure 40 psi

AED 3,700.46

Potter RMS-1T-WP Pull Station

AED 525.00

Potter WFSR-F Pressure Activated Water-flow Alarm Switch with Retard

AED 1,680.00