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3ET EvacKRESH Multiple Baby/Infants Emergency Evacuation System

AED 4,725.00

EMSRUN CR-J01 PVC Emergency Rescue Patient Transfer Spine Board Stretcher

AED 325.50

Evac + Chair 110 Evacuation Chair For Narrow Staircase Evacuation

AED 5,250.00

Evac + Chair 300H Evacuation Chair 182kg payload capacity

AED 4,593.75

Evac + Chair 500 Evacuation Chair Two Men Operation

AED 5,906.25

Evac + Chair 600H Evacuation Chair Two Men Operation

AED 5,040.00

Evac + Chair 700H Ibex Transeat Medical Transport Chair

AED 9,843.75

EVAC+CHAIR 300H MK5 Evacuation Chair

AED 3,885.00

Evacuation staircase stretcher lift chair – Model : CR-H3

AED 2,539.95

Everise WSX-G1 Lightweight Aluminium Frame Foldable Evacuation Chair

AED 997.50

Globex Economy Evacuation Chair

AED 4,200.00

Globex Evac Sledge

AED 824.25

Globex Multi Evacuation Chair

AED 5,985.00

Resguardo Emergency Evacuation Mattress

AED 465.94

Resguardo Evacuation Mat

AED 312.90

Resguardo Foldable First Aid Stretcher

AED 382.46

Resguardo Hospital Model Evacuation Chair

AED 4,347.00

Resguardo Liftable Wheel Chair

AED 1,043.18

Resguardo Premium Evacuation Chair / Rescue Chair

AED 3,303.83

Resguardo Regular Evacuation Chair / Rescue Chair

AED 1,947.49

Buy The Best Evacuation Equipment Online in Dubai, UAE

Evacuation Equipment is an essential component of safety and preparedness, ensuring the well-being of individuals during emergencies and evacuations. Our comprehensive range of evacuation equipment includes a variety of items designed to safeguard lives in critical situations, including:

Disposable Coveralls: Disposable coveralls provide full-body protection against hazardous materials and contaminants. They are crucial for individuals involved in emergency response and evacuation efforts, minimizing exposure risks.

Flashlights: High-quality flashlights are indispensable for safe evacuations during power outages or emergencies. These reliable sources of illumination guide individuals to safety and help ensure a clear path to exit.

Electrical Safety Gear: Electrical safety gear is designed to protect individuals working with or around electrical systems during evacuations. This gear prevents electrical shocks and enhances safety in electrified environments.

Filters & Cartridges: Filters and cartridges are essential for respiratory protection in hazardous conditions. They capture airborne particles, gases, and chemicals, ensuring the air is safe during evacuations.

Shower & Eyewashes: Emergency showers and eyewashes provide immediate decontamination for individuals exposed to hazardous substances. These facilities are crucial for ensuring prompt treatment in emergencies.

Air Purifying Respirators: Air-purifying respirators help individuals breathe safely by removing harmful substances. They protect respiratory health during evacuations involving smoke, fumes, or chemical hazards.

Chemical & Liquid Protection: Chemical and liquid protection gear shields individuals from exposure to corrosive or toxic substances. This equipment is essential for safe evacuations where such risks are present.

Marine Safety Gear: Marine safety gear is tailored for evacuations on water, providing life-saving equipment such as life jackets, life rafts, and marine communication devices.

Our commitment to quality and safety ensures that our evacuation equipment adheres to the highest protection standards. Choose us as your supplier for all your evacuation equipment needs to enhance safety and preparedness during emergencies. It also protects the well-being of individuals in critical situations.