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BW Solo BWS2-H2-Y Gas Detector H2S Extended Range

AED 1,785.00

Crowcon Clip SGD CL-H-10 Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Portable Gas Detector

AED 409.50

Crowcon S011614/S Hydrogen Sulphide (0-50ppm) Xgard Type 1 Type 2 Replacement Sensor

AED 2,394.00

CROWCON S011616/S 0-100PPM H2S Sensor Module For X-GARD

AED 2,310.00

Crowcon Xgard Type1 H2S Detector 0-100PPM XG1 GRNylon M20 ATEX/IECEx H2S-100ppm P/no XG1-N1-01-AC

AED 2,520.00

Evikon E2638-H2S Hydrogen Sulfide Detector-Transmitter

AED 2,100.00

Gastron GTD-1000Tx Toxic Gas Detector H2S 0-100 ppm

AED 2,415.00

Gastron GTD-2000Tx Smart Type Toxic Gas Detector

AED 3,276.00

Honeywell Analytics SPSTAXH1 Zareba Sensepoint H2S Gas Detector

AED 2,415.00

Honeywell Analytics SPSTAXH3 Sensepoint Detector with Junction Box, 0-100ppm Hydrogen Sulphide

AED 3,465.00

Honeywell BW Clip for H2S

AED 367.50

Honeywell BW H2S Solo Serviceable Single Gas Detector

AED 1,323.00

Honeywell BW Solo Lite BWS2-A-Y Standard NH3 Single Gas Detector

AED 2,100.00

Honeywell BW Solo Lite BWS2-H2-Y Standard H2S Single Gas Detector

AED 1,102.50

Honeywell SPXCDXSHXSS XCD Hydrogen Sulfide H2S Sensor Replacement Cartridge

AED 2,100.00

Macurco Aim Safety PM100 Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Single-Gas Monitor

AED 732.90

Macurco EX-H2S-100P-O Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) 0-100PPM Explosion Proof Monitor

AED 6,602.40

Macurco EX-H2S-100P-R Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) 0-100PPM Remote Sensor Explosion Proof Monitor

AED 9,868.95

Macurco EX-H2S-25P-R Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) 0-25PPM Remote Sensor Explosion Proof Monitor

AED 9,868.95

Macurco HD-11 Hydrogen Gas Detector

AED 1,061.55