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Evac + Chair 110 Evacuation Chair For Narrow Staircase Evacuation

AED 5,250.00

Evac + Chair 300H Evacuation Chair 182kg payload capacity

AED 4,593.75

Evac + Chair 500 Evacuation Chair Two Men Operation

AED 5,906.25

Evac + Chair 600H Evacuation Chair Two Men Operation

AED 5,040.00

Evac + Chair 700H Ibex Transeat Medical Transport Chair

AED 9,843.75

EVAC+CHAIR 300H MK5 Evacuation Chair

AED 3,885.00

Evacuation staircase stretcher lift chair – Model : CR-H3

AED 2,539.95

Everise WSX-G1 Lightweight Aluminium Frame Foldable Evacuation Chair

AED 997.50

Globex Economy Evacuation Chair

AED 4,200.00

Globex Multi Evacuation Chair

AED 5,985.00

Resguardo Hospital Model Evacuation Chair

AED 4,347.00

Resguardo Liftable Wheel Chair

AED 1,043.18

Resguardo Premium Evacuation Chair / Rescue Chair

AED 3,303.83

Resguardo Regular Evacuation Chair / Rescue Chair

AED 1,947.49

SKID-OK B Ultralight evacuation chair with wall bracket and dust cover

AED 5,353.95

Spencer Pro-Skid E Evacuation and Transport Chair Yellow Frame with wall bracket and dust cover

AED 7,805.70

STAXI Commercial Chair with cushion-Blue

AED 7,560.00