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Detectadusta DDF1 Duster Tester 250ml

AED 126.00 AED 115.50
Detectadusta our non - flammable, environmentally safe, non - abrasive and very powerful; Dust, dirt, cobwebs, and insects can cause alarms to malfunction resulting in false alarms or non-alarms. It is easy to use and provides a quick and easy way of clearing detectors thus reducing the problems.

Solo A10 Smoke Detector Tester (Non-Flammable) Aerosol 150ml

AED 89.25
The new Solo A10 has been designed to replace the Solo A5 and is suitable for testing all types of smoke detectors installed into buildings all around the world. Solo A10 is positioned very much as the ‘every day’ tester. The Solo A10 is available in a 150ml bottle and can be used as a hand-held test gas canister.