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FFE Fireray 3000 Beam Detector

AED 2,887.50
Fireray 3000 End to End Infrared Optical Beam Smoke Detector (OBSD) has been designed using the latest optical technology, incorporating modern industrial, electronic and software techniques. This detector offers cost effective protection of large, open area spaces with high ceilings. It is also very suited to applications where access to ceiling mounted smoke detectors presents practical difficulties.

FFE Fireray 3000 Exd Explosion Proof Beam Detector

AED 9,450.00
Fireray 3000 Exd optical beam smoke detector, together with a battery backed power supply, can be connected to a zone of a conventional fire alarm control panel or interfaced to an analogue addressable system via an addressable input module or a zone monitor module. It is ideally suited for the protection of large areas, with potentially explosive atmospheres, against smoking fires.

FFE Fireray 5000 Beam Detector

AED 2,625.00
FFE Fireray 5000 optical beam smoke detector can be installed with up to two detector heads per system, thus saving on installation time and costs. In addition, each system controller houses two pairs of fire and fault relays, one per detector. This innovative system has been designed from the ground up to include pioneering technology that fully addresses the needs of the installer and user, both now and in the future.

FFE Fireray 50R/100R Beam Detector

AED 1,837.50
Fireray 50R/100R series of reflective infrared optical beam smoke detectors provide economical and effective protection of large, open plan spaces with high ceilings, particularly if access to ‘point type’ smoke detectors presents practical difficulties. The system is designed to be mounted so that the beam will project between 0.3 and 0.6 metres below and parallel to the ceiling. Lateral detection may be up to 7.5 metres either side of the beam.

Polon Alfa Beam Smoke Detector DOP-6001/DOP-6001R

AED 1,260.00AED 1,365.00
Polon Alfa DOP-6001 Beam Smoke Detector is designed for smoke detection at the start of a fire. It is especially suitable for protection of indoor spaces, in which the appearance of smoke is likely during ignition of a fire, and where, due to a large space area, installation of a greater number of point smoke detectors would be necessary.

Ravel RE-438 Reflective Beam Detector

AED 913.50
Ravel RE-438 Reflective Beam Detector has a built-in Laser beam pointing and Digital guide display for a real user-friendly alignment

Shield Alpha 1000 Reflective Beam Detector-S-C1100 (50 m to 100 m)

AED 2,060.63
Shield Alpha 1000 Reflective Beam Detector comprises of a single unit incorporating an infrared transmitter and receiver. The signal generated in the transmitter element and reflected by the prism back to the receiver element is analyzed for the presence of smoke. The internal microprocessor determines an alarm condition when a predetermined level is reached.