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Honeywell DPS400 Series Differential Pressure Switches

AED 367.50

Potter ADPS (Adjustable Deadband Pressure Switch)

AED 630.00

Potter PS10-1 Pressure switch with one set SPDT Contacts

AED 357.00

Potter PS10-2 Pressure Type Waterflow Switch

AED 333.90

Potter PS10-EX Explosion Proof Pressure Type Waterflow Switch

AED 3,700.46

Potter PS100-2 Pressure Type Flow Switch with Two SPDT Contacts

AED 504.00

Potter PS120 Series Supervisory Pressure Actuated Switch

AED 525.00

Potter PS15-2 Supervisory Pressure switch with two sets SPDT contacts

AED 278.25

Potter PS25 Supervisory Pressure Switch with Two Sets SPDT Contacts

AED 278.25

Potter PS40-1 VDS Supervisory Pressure Actuated Switch

AED 278.25

Potter PS40-2 VDS Supervisory Pressure Actuated Switch

AED 367.50

Potter PS40-EX Explosion Proof Low/High Supervisory Pressure Switch for Dry Valves – Nominal System Pressure 40 psi

AED 3,700.46

Potter RMS-1T-WP Pull Station

AED 525.00

Potter WFSR-F Pressure Activated Water-flow Alarm Switch with Retard

AED 1,680.00

Sauter – ASM115F122 Damper Drive

AED 188.07

Sauter – Pressure Transmitter

AED 278.25

Sauter – SUT valve actuator with Positioner

AED 810.62