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Aico EI168RC Radio Link Base

AED 351.75

B501-IV Standard European Flangeless Mounting Base

AED 105.00

C-Tec C4408D ActiV Diode Base

AED 21.00

C-Tec C4408DR Activ Relay Base with Diode

AED 48.74

Eaton CAB300 (MAB800 / FXN720) Common Mounting Base

AED 42.00

Eaton FXN520 Conventional standard sensor base

AED 19.48

Essar Standard Detector Base

AED 105.00

Fireclass 4B-D Conventional Diode Base

AED 21.00

FireClass 557.001.040 Standard Sounder Base white cap (x5)

AED 151.85

Fyreye MKII-CB Shallow Common Base

AED 14.70

Hochiki YBN-R/3 Analogue Common Detector Base

AED 14.70

Hochiki YBN-R/3 Sensor Mounting Base (White)(Pack of 5)

AED 42.00

Hochiki YBN-R/3 Sensor Mounting Base Ivory(Pack of 5)

AED 42.00

Hochiki YBN-R/3(SCI) Short Circuit Isolator Base (Ivory)

AED 63.00

Hochiki YBN-R/3(WHT)-SCI Short Circuit Isolator Base (White)

AED 136.50

Hochiki YBN-R/3M Marine Analogue Detector Base

AED 16.80

Hochiki YBN-R/4(IS) Conventional Detector Mounting Base

AED 84.00

Hochiki YBN-R/6M Detector Base, No Diode

AED 36.75

Hochiki YBN-R/6SK(WHT) Schottky Detector Base

AED 14.75

Hochiki YBO-R/3 Red Wall Mounting Base

AED 14.18