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3M – 6003 Organic Vapor/Acid Gas Cartridge

AED 52.50

3M – Acid Gas Cartridge 6002

AED 52.50

3M – Ammonia Methylamine Cartridge 6004

AED 71.40

3M – Multi Gas/Organic Vapor Cartridge 6006

AED 63.00

3M – Organic Vapor Cartridge 6001

AED 55.65

Aico Ei208DWRF Carbon Monoxide Alarm

AED 456.75

Aico Ei208WRF RadioLink + Battery Powered CO Alarm

AED 539.70

BW Clip BWC2-M CO Single Gas Detector

AED 945.00

BW CLIP Series – Single Gas Detector (2&3 Years)

AED 1,126.65

BW GA-USB1-IR IR Connectivity Kit with Software, For GasAlert Detectors

AED 721.88

BW GasAlert Max XT II XT-XWHM-Y-UK Portable Four Gas Detector With Pump

AED 2,772.00

BW Honeywell BWS2-R-Y BW Solo – Lite – Hydrogen (H2) Gas Detector

AED 1,942.50

BW Honeywell HU-X1W1H1M1S1-Y-E Ultra Five-Gas Detector(O2 , LEL, H2S, CO, SO2) with Pump

AED 10,395.00

BW Honeywell M5-XWSY-R-D-D-Y-E-00 GasAlertMicro 5 Multi-Gas Detector, %LEL, O2, H2S, CO, SO2, Rechargeable Battery & Pump

AED 7,875.00

BW Honeywell RIGRAT HRRD102009ABK-000 Transportable Multi-gas Area Monitor

AED 19,267.50

BW Honeywell XT-RPUMP-K1 Replacement pump kit for GasAlertMax XT II

AED 1,312.50

BW Solo (HCN) – Lite BWS2-Z-Y Yellow Housing Non-Wireless Gas Detector

AED 1,855.35

BW Solo (O2) – Lite BWS2-X-Y Single Gas Detector

AED 1,575.00

BW Solo BWS2-H2-Y Gas Detector H2S Extended Range

AED 1,785.00

BW Technologies AlertMicroClip X3 Detector

AED 2,310.00