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Codesec Addressable Heat Detector

AED 98.70AED 219.45

Codesec Addressable Smoke Detector

AED 472.50AED 787.50

GST I- 9102 Addressable Smoke Detector

AED 330.75

Hochiki CHQ-AB Loop Powered Addressable Beacon (RED)

AED 231.00

Hochiki CHQ-AB(AMB) Addressable Beacon- Ivory Case, Amber Lens (Non EN54-23 Compliant)

AED 138.60

Hochiki CHQ-AB(AMB)WHT Addressable Beacon – White Case, Amber Lens (Non EN54-23 Compliant)

AED 176.40

Hochiki CHQ-AB(BLU) Addressable Beacon – Ivory Case, Blue Lens (Non EN54-23 Compliant)

AED 138.60

Hochiki CHQ-AB(WHT) Addressable Beacon – White Case, Red Lens (Non EN54-23 Compliant)

AED 138.60

Honeywell 802374 Multi-sensor Fire Detector

AED 525.00

Honeywell B501BH Detector Base

AED 157.50

Honeywell TC806B1076 Photoelectric Smoke Sensor

AED 630.00

Honeywell TC840M1021 Intelligent Acclimate Smoke Detector

AED 735.00

Honeywell TC908A1000 Intelligent Eclipse Heat Detector

AED 840.00

MAF – 360 – S2 Analog Addressable Photoelectric Smoke Detector

AED 86.63

MAF Gas Detector Easy For Wire Connection

AED 141.75

MAF-360-H2 Analog Addressable Heat Detector

AED 87.15

Polon Alfa DUT-6046 Addressable multi-sensor smoke and heat detector

AED 472.50

Polon Alfa TUN-6046 Addressable Heat Detector

AED 441.00

Potter PAD100-4DB/6DB (4″/6″ Addressable Detector Base)

AED 52.50

Potter PAD100-HD Rate of Rise / Fixed Temperature Heat Sensor

AED 546.00