Buy the Best Wet Chemical Extinguisher in the UAE.

A fire breakout can happen anytime and anywhere, whether in a residential or commercial setting. To ensure safety, it’s crucial to have fire extinguishers installed on the premises. The most suitable fire extinguisher for kitchen fires in the UAE is a Wet Chemical Extinguisher.

What is a Wet Chemical Extinguisher?

A wet chemical fire extinguisher is a fire suppression device that uses a solution of water and a special substance, known as a wetting agent, to extinguish fires. The wetting agent breaks down the fire’s surface tension, causing the flames to go out, while the water helps to cool the fire and prevent re-ignition. Wet chemical fire extinguishers are designed to prevent kitchen fires caused by grease and oil. They are ideal for use in commercial kitchens, canteens, and other areas where cooking oils and fats are used.

What are the Benefits of our Wet Chemical Extinguisher?

  • Safe for use on cooking fires: Wet chemical fire extinguishers are particularly useful in commercial kitchens, as they do not harm cooking equipment or pose a risk to food items.
  • Cooling effect: Wet chemical extinguishers work by creating a cooling effect on the fire, which helps reduce the fire’s intensity and prevent re-ignition.
  • Effective on large fires: Wet chemical fire extinguishers are typically larger than other fire extinguishers, making them suitable for larger fires.
  • Less damaging to the environment: Wet chemical extinguishers contain a non-toxic, biodegradable solution, making them safer and more environmentally friendly than traditional fire extinguishers.
  • Safe for use in enclosed spaces: Wet chemical fire extinguishers are safe for use in enclosed spaces, as they do not produce harmful fumes or risk human health.

All of our extinguishers are fully tested and certified to the highest international standards, ensuring that you get a top-quality product that you can count on in an emergency. Additionally, our extinguishers are easy to use, making them ideal for any kitchen staff to handle. Browse our range of fire extinguishers today and protect your kitchen, staff, and customers from fire hazards.

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