Fire Safety Checklist for your building


If you live in a building, you should ensure that the fires’ safety is up to mark. You really don’t want to live in a place where fire may break out and you are left to fend for yourself. It could wreak havoc and result in a catastrophe. Check to make sure that the safety codes are up to mark before you settle in comfortably. You should also check for fire extinguishers in UAE for safety purpose and purchase them from

So, what are some things you should check to ensure the safety of yourself and the people around you? These are listed below:

  • Lightning: There are some standards you should ensure when it comes to emergency lighting.  The first thing is to ensure that exists are all clearly marked. Don’t wait until there is an emergency to figure out if something is wrong. It can lead to a disaster if you wait for that long. Make sure that the security lighting is working. In the event something goes wrong, the emergency light will help your tenants and you get out. Besides this, you should also change the light bulbs in the hallways on a regular rotation.
  • Smoke detectors:If you want to ensure safety, you should ensure smoke detectors are installed properly throughout the building. It is important that you check it regularly also to ensure they are working properly. Batteries should be changed, and new ones can easily be purchased from
  • Have fire extinguishers at hand: Fire extinguishers in UAE can easily be bought from You should place them strategically all over your building so people can grab them easily if they face such a situation. Also, ensure that the extinguishers are inspected so that they work when the time comes. You do not want a fire extinguisher that does not do its job, especially in the case of an emergency.
  • Install carbon dioxide detectors: You should buy them from and have them installed in your building. Make sure they are part of the inspection services. These have to work if you want toxic fumes detected.
  • Fire Escape: If you are living in a building, or of you own one, you should ensure that there is a fire escape at the back of the building. People can take this route in the event of a fire instead of going out the usual way. There might not be enough space or the route might become blocked because of the fire. This could cause many lives to be lost in the process. You should also ensure that the people and you know how to use the fire escape.
  • Smoking habits: You should also make sure that people have good smoking habits, not just in your house but also in the apartments next to you. Ashtrays should never be emptied directly into the wastebaskets and there should be a large dustbin outside of the building to ensure that the cigarette butts are being deposited safely. This could make your building a safer and more secure place to live.
  • Training people: In the event, a fire does break out in your building, you should ensure that people know what to do. They know how to escape and use fire extinguishers in UAE. They should also be aware of the emergency numbers just in case there is a need.

Last thought

It is important that the building is protected from fire. For this, precautionary measures can be taken. You can purchase fire extinguishers in UAE and other supplies from .This would prevent a catastrophe.

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