UAE Fire Safety Laws – What To Look Out For

Fire Safety Laws

According to the Fire Safety regulations in UAE, there are some things homeowners need to watch out for. In 2019, 66% of the fires which took place in buildings or homes were recorded as residential accidents. A further 68 deaths were recorded in 2019 and the UAE cabinet became increasingly concerned about resolving the issue. To this end, it has also launched the UAE Civil Defense Approved Smoke Detectors. You can find it and other fire safety equipment at

However, before you buy the right fit, you have to understand what the laws imply. Here’s a breakdown:

What is mandatory?

Homeowners must have fire detectors and make sure that the units are connected to the civil defense e-system. The previous federal fire codes had required the installation of smoke and heat detectors. However, this was never enforced. Perhaps because of lack of public compliance or confusion regarding the regulations that things have come to this point.

What kind of homes do the new rules apply to?

Existing homes and homes under construction are going to abide by this rule. The local governments who issue licenses for construction will oversee that the requirements are being met before giving them a completion certificate. Homeowners have a grace period of 3 years in which they are required to make the changes. If you are a tenant without safety device, you can install it in your house by contacting your landlord.

From where you can purchase the fire safety device

The UAE Civil Defense Approved Smoke Detectors can easily be bought at You can purchase smoke detectors as well as fire safety systems from this store. Even for installation purposes, you can always contact them and they can help you out.

The cost of the device

There is no one price applicable in this scenario. It depends on the type of device you are selecting from and the installation that will follow. If you are installing it yourself, it might not cost that much. However, if you are getting it done from someone else, it will cost you more, depending on your location and device type.

What if you are not able to afford it?

No worries. If you cannot pay for the device, you can always ask people from your local or federal governments to help you out. They will cover the installation for those in lower-income brackets. Previously, the federal government helped out the people who received social assistance from the government. So even if you feel you cannot afford it, you will get the device anyway.

Can you install the UAE Civil Defense Approved Smoke Detectors yourself, or do you need to bring in professionals?

It’s easy to do it, and if you feel you can, there is no need to bring in professionals. It is a fairly simple battery-operated device that is attached to the ceiling. The fire detectors are connected directly to your home’s electrical system. However, it is recommended that you bring in professionals to install it for you as it will ensure a safe installation, especially if you can afford it.

How else can you ensure safety?

As a homeowner, you should install a smoke detector in every room and make sure the batteries are regularly changed. Frayed or cracked electrical cords have to be replaced immediately, and stoves should be cleared to prevent grease.

Last words

The UAE Civil Defense Approved Smoke Detectors can easily be bought from and installed by professionals. If you are unable to afford it, you can always turn to external help and get the job done.

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