Know the common causes of fire in your office: An office space could catch fire for many reasons. It could be due to a cigarette not put out properly, due to a short circuit, mishandling of an electrical appliance, and many more reasons. It is important to ensure that every office space follows the UAE Fire and Life Safety Code of Practice to avoid any foreseeable circumstances related to the office catching fire.

To have a proper preventive measure you need to know some of the most common causes that can cause a fire listed as follows

  1. Kitchens

All the fire-related work happens mostly in the kitchen. This is why around the world, kitchen staff from a chef to a waiter are trained for fire emergencies. Every office has some sort of a kitchen where the employees use stoves, appliances like a microwave during their lunch break. One wrong move and a fire could erupt and get out of control in a matter of seconds. The most common reason for the fire in office space is related to cooking and kitchen. Fire detectors are something that should be there in all office spaces. have the Best Gas Detectors In UAE and you can choose from the wide variety that they have to secure your office from fire.

2. Combustible Materials

Offices have any combustible materials such as wooden furniture, paper, and items which if catch fire can spread in moments and the more it spreads the harder it will get to control it. It is important to make sure that items that can easily get on fire are kept away from anything that can cause a fire. Many times, offices do not have designated smoking areas which can also cause a fire if the smokers do not dispose of the cigarette the right way. Creating properly designated smoking areas can help avoid fires. Smoke Detectors can assure that in case of any threat of fire, it alerts people on the premises who can take action before it is too late. The right gas detectors in UAE for your office can be found on They are available at different prices and can save you from major property damage in case something catches fire.

3. Electrical and lightening equipment

We have all heard how one should be very careful around electrical and lighting equipment because it is one of the major causes of fires erupting not just in the office but in homes and other places. Many times when there is a fire, we get to hear it was caused by a short circuit. Equipment comes with manuals that warn the user what could cause it to blow and how one should use it to ensure that there are no fire accidents. Electrical and lightning equipment cause about 12% of fire accidents in offices. is where you can find gas detectors in UAE at different prices and just the one you can put in your office to ensure that even if something goes wrong which could result in a fire, the detector will inform before any irreversible damage occurs. 

4. Intentional/ Negligence/ Human Error

Arson falls under this category and as per statistics, 10% of fires caused in offices are intentional fires. If the office space does not have a detector it could cause major damage to the property. This is why it is extremely important to make sure that the offices have fire alarm systems that would alert if and when a fire is about to erupt. Proper training of staff is also very significant so that they know what has to be done during those emergency situations and also to avoid fire due to any negligence or human error. is a perfect site from where you will find a wide range of fire prevention equipment and even gas detectors in UAE which can be installed in offices as a safety measure. You can look through the website and find the detector that is best for you and get it installed to avoid any fire emergencies.

When a fire is caused it wipes away millions’ worth of possessions within a blink of an eye. It is better to avoid fire by implementing correct preventive measures. You can get the best gas detectors in UAE from and you can get any supply you need for fire prevention and control.

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