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MAF Gas Detector Easy For Wire Connection

AED 141.75
Flammable gas detection protects your family and home from explosion hazards. These can arise from leaking pipework, poor installations, and appliance defects. Importantly flammable gas detector will also detect releases of gas where hobs and similar burners have been switched on but not lit. A 3KW hob burner if left on but not lit can quickly liberate enough flammable gas to be an explosive hazard.

Polon Alfa ASG-2002HV Autonomos Gas Detector LPG

AED 577.67
Polon Alfa ASG-2002HV Autonomos LPG gas detectors are designed to detect flammable and toxic gases in hazardous areas such as garage, car parking and boiler room etc. When the particular threshold is exceeded, the detectors optical indicator is activated and appropriate outputs for controlling the external sounder beacon are activated. It is also possible to start ventilation to vent and remove harmful gases from the room. Microprocessor detector measurement systems continuously analyze the gas concentration in the room and compare it with the values of the relevant alarm thresholds.