1. Trade License Details:

    Sole ProprietorshipLLCOther

    2. Address:

    3. Partner/Sponsors:

    4. Bankers

    5. Name of Signatory (ForCheques):

    6. Suppliers/References

    7. Facility Requirements

    7 days PDC30 days PDC60 days PDC

    I/We the undersigned (Sponsor/ Sponsors Name & Signature), hereby jointly and severally guarantee the full payment of facilities amount subject of this application on its due date and all due and postponed installment shall be immediately payable. In case of default to pay any installment agreed upon on its date the creditor shall have the right to take all legal proceedings necessary to collect such amounts with out any prior notice, all charges, expenses and attorney fees resulting of any such legal proceedings will be borne by us. I/We also declare that all information mentioned in the facilities application and correct and undertake to inform the creditor of any changes thereto.