14-year-old boy honoured for brave act

A 14-year-old boy saved a neighbouring Emirati family from a fire that erupted in their house in Al Jarf area 2. The Emirati teen has been honoured by the Ajman Civil Defence for his quick thinking and brave act.

Ibrahim Abdull Hakim bin Makhzoum was also hailed as a hero by Ajman Private School, where the boy studies, during the morning assembly on Monday.

Brig AbdullAziz Al Shamsi, director-general of the Ajman Civil Defence, said that around 10pm on Thursday (October 17, 2019), Ibrahim was alarmed when he smelt smoke. He started searching for its source and found the smoke coming out from a neighbour’s villa.

He jumped into the house and tried to inform the maid, whose room was close to the fire. The boy quickly took the phone from her and called the emergency number of Ajman Civil Defence 997. He reported the incident to the operations room and told them the location accurately and clearly.

Not just this, the boy also knocked on the door of the house and alerted the family members while helping them evacuate. The family of four – father, mother and two daughters aged between 14 and 23 years – were evacuated safely.

The boy also helped the owner of the house save his belongings, including the cars, from the fire. He disconnected the electricity connection and then opened gate for the fire brigades. The fire was brought under control and the site was handed over to the Ajman Police for investigation.

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