Fire Sprinklers: Protecting your property & Investments

Fire Sprinklers

Preparing for and handling fire emergencies when they arise is critical for domestic and industrial safety around the world. The infamous UAE fire rampages and destruction of lives and properties have been significantly reduced due to new stringent regulations on fire safety.

For buildings in UAE with Total Area more than 2230 m2, automatic fire sprinklers are required to prevent severe fire outbreaks of any kind. Since new regulations were rolled out, the rampant streak of fire destruction has been minimized.

How a fire sprinkler works

The central idea behind a fire sprinkler has to do with a series of pipes or tubes, that hangs overhead or is embedded in the ceiling or walls. Automatically dispensing water from a water supply system in response to sensing an abnormal ambient temperature rise  to quench fires before they escalate.

In some instances, the automatic fire sprinkler is the complete fire protection system, since it prevents damage to human lives and properties the minute the sensors go off, the fact that it does not need to be manually operated is a massive plus for the system.

Most fire sprinklers are activated when the alcohol filled glass capsule shatters due to significant temperature rise.

Most fire safety experts recommend a  combination of fire sprinklers with smoke detectors to double the effectiveness and shorten the response time. Even though most people only go through the trouble of installing a water sprinkler system in commercial buildings and industrial or work buildings, with the new life and fire safety code, buildings with fire sprinklers can build with lesser space for Egress.

 Types of Sprinkler

At, we have the following sprinklers in stock;

  1. Pendant Sprinkler

These sprinkler heads are commonly used in residential and commercial buildings. They appear suspended downwards from the ceiling and look like pendants. They sprinkle water downwards to combat any fire hazard.

  1. Upright Sprinklers

The upright sprinkler is designed like a pendant sprinkler turned upside down with a concave deflector. It sprays water upwards while the deflector which is curved downwards directs it. This type is used with unique ceiling design, and they create a cooling effect on the ceilings and prevent the fire from rising or spreading to other floors.

  1. Sidewall Sprinklers

These sprinklers protrude from the walls having only half deflectors that spray water in a semi-circular pattern.

  1. Concealed Sprinklers

These are designed like pendant sprinklers but are installed inside the ceiling with their casing and cover. The cover falls off at 20 degrees less than the sprinkler trigger to allow the head to protect against fire.

Sprinklers do not always activate collectively and may sometimes operate individually; because their heat sensors may differ in sensing the ambient temperature.

According to design buildings, the installation of automatic sprinklers in an office, not more than 18 m tall can reduce its fire resistance from 60 minutes to 30 minutes, and an office not more than 30 m tall can reduce its fire resistance from 90 minutes to 60 minutes. 

Statistics from thenational indicates that fire incidents have reduced by 41% in UAE between 2016 and 2018 due to safety awareness and responses.

High-value buildings must be preemptive and resilient about fire safety. Get in touch with, for a free consultation and the best quality of fire sprinklers today.

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