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Bulldozer BD 9788 Synthetic Firefighter Boots

AED 367.50
Bulldozer BD 9788 Firefighter Boots Manufactured using both 65% Natural Rubber30% Styrene Materials. Butadiene Rubber and 5% Chloroprene Rubber, 80% Chloroprene Rubber and 20% Nitrile Rubber.

Bulldozer BDUSP2-2 Fireman Jacket and Trouser Suit

AED 892.50
Bulldozer Fireman Suit Jacket and Trousers, comfortable and advance firefighter suits with insulation layer with retro-reflective trims.

Bulldozer TS GFAS 1000 Aluminized Fire Fighting Suit-Certified

AED 3,937.50
Bulldozer TS GFAS 1000 Certified Aluminized Fire Fighting Suit, the aluminized suit is specially made one with jacket annexed hood and trousers with suspenders. The fabric is tested according to EN531 AB2C3E1, EN407, EN1486, ISO 11612A1B1C4. The thermal barrier consists of an aramid felt quilted to an inner lining.

Fireman Suit – Size 54-XL

AED 1,438.47
BullDozer FireMan Suit Jacket and Trousers, Black.