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Fire Extinguisher Nozzles and Hoses

AED 13.65AED 24.15
Fire Extinguisher Nozzles and Hoses Replacement or spare fire extinguisher nozzles and hoses. Available for different types and sizes of

MAF – EPDM Single Jacket Fire Hose

AED 567.00 AED 519.75
Single jacket. Polyester warp and filler. EPDM rubber lined. Available with a service test pressure of 150 PSI and 250 PSI.
Dubai Civil Defense approvalUL listedFM Approved

Omex Extra OV-812 Fire Hose 30 Mtr 2.5 Inch With Wire-Binded Instantaneous Aluminium Coupling

AED 609.00
Omex Extra OV-812 30 Mtr 2.5 Inch Fire Hose With Wire-Bonded Instantaneous Aluminium Coupling are widely used by fire brigades

Omex Fire Hose Nozzle (280GPM @100 psi) 2.5 Inch

AED 94.50
OMEX 2.5 Inch Fire Hose Brass Nozzle threaded smooth fire hose nozzle with hand-held branch pipe is made by a combination of Aluminium and plastics. The water flow control is by means of SHUT, JET and SPRAY. The branch pipe has a male instantaneous coupling inlet.

SFSJ40R-UL Hose Synthetic Single Jacket 1.5″ x 30 Mtrs. with Morris Std. Aluminium

AED 430.50
SFFECO UL LISTED Single and double Jacket are lined  with a high – tech EPDM tube whose engineered design guarantees