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Butterfly Valve Grooved Resilient with Tamper Switch

AED 341.25AED 745.50

Fivalco 3288-LI-300-FLA Light Resilient Gate Valve Flanged End

AED 686.44AED 4,138.31

Fivalco 3299-LI-300-FLA Light Resilient OS&Y Gate Valve Flanged End

AED 552.56AED 3,202.50

Flanged Resilient NRS Gate Valve with Black Cap

AED 1,155.00AED 1,785.00

Flanged Resilient OS & Y Gate Valve

AED 504.00AED 1,680.00

FWIC – FM Fire Protection Air Release Valve 200PSI Threaded Ends – ST9011-200

AED 315.00

FWIC – Indicator Post Underground Type – ST-0155

AED 2,361.45AED 7,715.40

FWIC – Indicator Post Wall Type – ST-0166

AED 1,414.35

FWIC – Resilient Seated OS&Y Gate Valve, Groove End – ST0713-300

AED 573.30AED 4,622.10

FWIC – Resillent Seated Swing Check Valve 365 PSI, Grooved Ends UL/FM

AED 241.50AED 2,560.95

FWIC – Resillient Flexible Flange End Seated NRS Gate Valve – ST1312-250

AED 7,569.45AED 15,137.85

FWIC – Resillient Flexible Seated NRS Gate Valve Flange Ends – ST1312-300

AED 678.30AED 4,908.75

FWIC – Resillient Seated NRS Gate Valve Flange End – ST1312-200

AED 18,198.60AED 24,392.55

FWIC – Resillient Seated OS&Y Gate Valve, Flanged End – ST0712-200

AED 22,449.00AED 28,911.75

FWIC – Resillient Seated OS&Y Gate Valve, Flanged End – ST0712-250

AED 9,821.70AED 17,980.20

FWIC – Resillient Seated OS&Y Gate Valve, Flanged End – ST0712-300

AED 597.45AED 5,048.40

FWIC – Resillient Seated Swing Check Valve 300 PSI, Flanged End – ST0222-300

AED 531.30AED 4,943.40

FWIC – Y-Type Strainer Flanged End – ST1701-300

AED 262.50AED 5,380.20

LEDE 10 Inch Resillient Seated OS&Y Gate Valve-Flanged End, UL/FM Approved

AED 3,465.00

LEDE 3 Inch/80MM PN16 Grooved OS and Y Gate Valve

AED 924.00