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Dubai Civil Defense approvalUL listed

FWIC F22 2-1/2″ Pressure Restricting Angle Hose Valve Chrome Plated

AED 518.44
FWIC F22 2-1/2″ Pressure Restricting Angle Hose Valves are capable of adjustment to provide a range of the outlet pressures
Dubai Civil Defense approvalAbuDhabi Civil Defense ApprovalAjman Civil Defense ApprovalUAQ Civil Defense ApprovalRAK Civil Defense ApprovalSharjah Civil Defense Approval

JY HC 103-2.5 Inch Angle Hose Valve(Pressure Reducing)-UL/FM Approved

AED 600.60
JY HC-103(DWG.J282) Pressure Reducing Device Angle Valve 175Lb.Rated Adjustable restriction of residual pressure up to 175lb.locking pin device restricts the full opening of the valve by untrained personnel, the pin may be removed by firefighters to allow full opening of the valve FEMALE x MALE

Lifeco AH20 Pressure Restricting Fire Hose Angle Valve

AED 393.75
Lifeco AH20 Fire Hose Angle Valves manufactured in accordance with UL668 Hose valve fire protection service is used as fire department outlet or with a hose rack assembly. Available in size 1-1/2 Inch.