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BW Clip BWC2-M CO Single Gas Detector

AED 945.00

BW CLIP Series – Single Gas Detector (2&3 Years)

AED 1,126.65

BW Solo (HCN) – Lite BWS2-Z-Y Yellow Housing Non-Wireless Gas Detector

AED 1,855.35

BW Technologies AlertMicroClip X3 Detector

AED 2,310.00

BW Technologies BWC2-S BW Clip Single Gas SO2 Detector

AED 1,260.00

BW Technologies BWC2-X BW Clip Single Gas O2 Monitor

AED 441.00

BW Technologies BWC2R-S BW Clip Single Gas SO2 Detector

AED 1,386.00

BW Technologies GasALERT Extreme Single Gas Detector

AED 1,622.25

Drager PAC 6500 Single-Gas Detector H2S LC 0 – 100 ppm (Unlimited operating time / 5 Years sensor life)

AED 609.00

Dräger Single Gas Detector Pac 6500 SO2, 0 – 100 ppm (Unlimited operating time)

AED 3,207.75

Drager X-am 5100 Single Toxic Gas Detector

AED 9,292.50

Gastron GTD-1000Ex Transmitter Diffusion Flammable Gas Detector

AED 2,233.88

Honeywell BW Clip BWC2-H Single Gas H2S Detector(2 Yrs Disposable Type)

AED 336.00

Honeywell BW Clip BWC2R-H Single Gas H2S Detector (2 Yrs Disposable Type)

AED 850.50

Honeywell BW Clip BWC3-H Single Gas H2S Detector(3Yrs Disposable Type)

AED 498.75

Honeywell BW CLIP RT Series Single Gas Detector

AED 1,182.30

Honeywell BW H2S Solo Serviceable Single Gas Detector

AED 1,323.00

Honeywell BW Solo Lite (CIO2) CN BWS2-V-Y Single-Gas Detector

AED 1,871.10

Honeywell BW Technologies BWS1-HL-Y Solo Single Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Detector H2S

AED 1,680.00

Honeywell BWS1-P-Y BW Solo Single-Gas Detector with Bluetooth, PH3, 0 to 5 ppm

AED 2,205.00