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AlphaEye UX300C UV/IR Flame Detector

AED 5,775.00

Farenhyt IDP-HEAT-ROR-IV Intelligent Addressable ROR Thermal Detector

AED 561.75

Hochiki IFD-E(IS) Infrared Intrinsically Safe Flame Detector Alloy Housing

AED 10,342.50

Honeywell FS20X Flame Detector

AED 13,259.40

Honeywell fs24x-912-24-1 QuadBand™ IR3+ Fire and Flame Detector, 316 Stainless Steel Encl

AED 14,700.00

Mekasentron RX500 Triple Infrared (IR3) Flame Detector

AED 6,090.00

Micropack FDS303 Multi-Spectrum IR Flame Detector

AED 10,500.00

Nippon Hakuyo FD-5112 IR Flame Detector

AED 4,410.00

Polon Alfa PPW-40REX Multi Band Flame Detector

AED 6,592.08

Polon Alfa PUO-35 Flame Detector

AED 1,575.00

Polon Alfa PUO-35EX Intrinsically Safe Flame Detector

AED 3,251.85

Polon Alfa Top-40 Multi-Sensor Heat and Flame Detector

AED 630.00

Senseware T-229/4P UV/IR Flame Detector Universal Test Lamp

AED 5,512.50

Sharpeye 40/40IR3 40/40C-I-41-AC-Y-8 Triple IR (IR3) Flame Detector

AED 15,750.00

SharpEye FS-1100 Flame Simulator For IR3 and Multi IR Flame Detector

AED 23,415.00

Spectrex SharpEye 40/40C-L4B UV / IR flame detector

AED 14,700.00

Talentum Dual IR (IR2) Flame Detector

AED 6,426.00

Talentum Triple IR (IR3) Flame Detector

AED 9,082.50

Tyco 811F MX Flame Detector (Marine)

AED 4,790.63

Tyco 811FEX MX Intrinsically Safe Flame Detector

AED 4,893.00