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Ansell TouchNTuff 92-670 Robust protection for food processing and heavy-duty jobs

AED 71.96
Ansell TouchNTuff 92-670 is a durable and comfortable nitrile glove with increased chemical splash protection. Textured fingers provide a reliable grip, making this glove ideal for laboratory and food processing applications.

EDGE disposable Gloves -Blue

AED 72.87
Ansell Nitrile liner Texture fingers finishing , nitrile coating , beaded cuff -Blue.

EDGE disposable Gloves -Blue`-5.5-6

AED 73.50
Ansell Nitrile liner Texture fingers finishing , nitrile coating , beaded cuff -Blue

MERCURY 43-113 -10

AED 185.85
Ansell Mercury Heat Resistant Gloves.

Microflex 93-852/8.5-9

AED 89.04
Ansell Microflex Nitrile, Textured Surface, Beaded cuff thickness 0.12, length 245mm Antistatic Black 100pcs/box - sold in Box.

Microflex Nitrile Gloves-5.5-6

AED 89.25
Ansell Microflex Certified Ergonomic Nitrile Gloves, texture finger grip, Beaded cuff, 240mm length 0.07mm thick - Blue.

Powder Free Disposable Nitrile Examination Blue Gloves 100 Pcs/Box

AED 26.25
Powder-free disposable non-sterline nitrile examination gloves 100 Pcs/ Pkt. Excellent hand and personal protection. Nitrile is chemical and Puncture-resistant providing a higher level of protection against liquids, gases, and sharp objects. Ideal for almost any application including basic medical procedures, lab work, hair coloring, tattooing, food preparation, painting, cleaning, pet care.

SOLVEX 37-695 -7

AED 15.75
Available in a wide selection of lengths, thicknesses, sizes and linings.

TouchNTuff 92-600 Splash Resistant Gloves

AED 76.65
Excellent Puncture Resistance Manufactured from nitrile, TouchNTuff offers up to four times the puncture resistance of comparable natural-latex gloves.

TOUCHNTUFF 92-670 -6.5-7

AED 72.45
Ansell TOUCHNTUFF Powderfree, Nitrile coating, Textured fingertips grip, Thickness 0.10 mm. Length 240 mm, Light blue.

VERSATOUCH 92-200 -7.5-8

AED 59.85
Ansell VERSATOUCH Ambidextrous Nitrile. Single-use. Powderfree. Textured Fingertips. Thickness 0.075 mm. Length 240 mm Light blue sold per box.