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BW Honeywell HU-X1W1H1M1S1-Y-E Ultra Five-Gas Detector(O2 , LEL, H2S, CO, SO2) with Pump

AED 11,235.00

BW Honeywell RIGRAT HRRD102009ABK-000 Transportable Multi-gas Area Monitor

AED 28,350.00

Crowcon – Clip Single Gas Detector SGD

AED 378.00

Crowcon GPZ-UIABA-DADBFD-OC GasPro Multi Gas Detector

AED 3,150.00

Crowcon TP-AAAGCNAH-A-001-A 4 gas – CH4 % LEL, O2, H2S, CO, pumped, Li-ion Battery, English ATEX

AED 13,860.00

Crowcon TP-AAAGCNAH-A-001-B Triple Plus+ Multigas Personal Monitor 4 gas – CH4 % LEL, O2, H2S, CO, pumped, Li-ion Battery, English ATEX

AED 11,881.80

Crowcon TP-BJAGCNAH-A-002-A Triple Plus+ IR Multi-Gas Detector, 4 gas

AED 13,860.00

Crowcon Triple Plus C011321 Charger with Multi-Region Power Supply

AED 997.50

Honeywell BW Max XT II Multi-Gas Detector(with pump) LEL O2 H2S CO, Rechargeable Battery and Pump, Yellow Housing

AED 2,756.25

Honeywell HU X1W1H1M1Q1 Y-U BW ULTRA 5-Gas Detector(O2, LEL, H2S, CO, VOCS)

AED 7,875.00

Macurco Aim Safety PM400 Multi-Gas Monitor-Infrared LEL Sensor

AED 4,399.50

Macurco MG-1 Multi-Gas Monitor

AED 2,908.50

MSA Altair 4xr Multigas Detector (LEL/O2/CO/H2S) Charcoal – 10178560

AED 3,727.50

Tango – TX2 Two Gas Detector, H2S and SO2

AED 1,039.50

Ventis – Multigas Detector without Pump

AED 3,150.00