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Cygnus AUTODI03 GSM Auto Dialer

AED 4,410.00

Cygnus CYG1 Control Panel

AED 7,625.36

Cygnus CYG1 Control Panel with GSM/GPRS Remote Link

AED 12,814.59

Cygnus CYG2 Fire Call Point Alarm

AED 2,164.05

Cygnus CYG2/85DB Fire Call Point Alarm 85 Decibel

AED 2,037.65

Cygnus CYG2/85DBPIR – Fire Call Point Alarm 85 Decibel with PIR

AED 2,489.11

Cygnus CYG2F Fire Call Point Alarm with First Aid Alert

AED 2,526.69

Cygnus CYG2FPIR – Fire Call Point Alarm with First Aid Alert and PIR

AED 2,978.15

Cygnus CYG2PIR – Fire Call Point Alarm with PIR

AED 2,615.92

Cygnus CYG3L Heat Detector

AED 2,393.21

Cygnus CYG3LPIR – Heat Detector with PIR

AED 2,844.65

Cygnus CYG4L Smoke Detector

AED 2,393.21

Cygnus CYG4LPIR – Smoke Detector with PIR

AED 2,393.21

Cygnus CYG5 First Aid Alert Point

AED 1,927.17

Cygnus CYG5PIR – First Aid Alert Point with PIR

AED 2,378.62

Cygnus CYG6 Base Panel

AED 4,799.81

Cygnus CYGIOU Input/Output Interface

AED 3,733.43

Cygnus CYHF/CP Wireless Manual Call Point with Base and Batteries

AED 1,205.14

Cygnus CYHF/EM Wireless Expander Module (Requires Power Supply)

AED 1,691.45

Cygnus CYHF/FP CTEC Control Panel 2 Zone

AED 1,524.16