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Potter PAD100 – SLCE Addressable Loop Expander Card

AED 1,443.75
Potter SLCE-127 Addressable Loop Expander Card is connected to the PFC-6000 series panels using a four wire RS-485 connection. This connection is power limited and supervised. The SLCE-127 can be installed in the AE-8 Accessory Enclosure, AE-14 Accessory Enclosure or inside the large PFC series enclosure using the supplied bracket. The Signaling Line Circuit Expander (SLCE-127) allows for an additional loop for the PFC-6200 and up to seven additional loops for PFC-6800 fire alarm control panels. Each loop adds 127 addressable sensors or modules in any combination. The SLCE-127 may be configured for Class A or Class B wiring without the need for additional modules. The SLCE-127 communicates with the control panel via the Potter P-Link communication bus.